After launching a record-shattering global tour and becoming the world’s most-streamed musical artist of the year, Taylor Swift has been named as Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”.

Taylor Swift joins the likes of Mahatma Gandhi (1930) Martin Luther King Jr. (1963) Angela Merkel (2015) and 92 other high-profile global figures that have changed the course of history with their advocacy, leadership and genius.

And with such a noble title, comes great responsibility.

Standing on stage last night in a sold out stadium in front of screaming young fans and their parents, Taylor Swift took a moment between songs to make a stand.

“I just want to say”

“I love you guys”

The screams from the crowd nearly drown out the pop singer, but she continues with her important message.

“I’ve never done anything like this but I feel I need to say this”

“I mean I’ve obviously got a platform, and I should do something with it”

“And I don’t care what anyone says, the event promoters, my managers… The media. So I’m just gonna say it”

“Free P..”

“Free Pale…”


The crowd cheers, as the male guardians of her youngest Swiftie fans high-five each other and rush to the bar.

While this brave gesture was greatly appreciated by those in need of a cold beer, even Taylor Swift herself would admit that this kind of generosity doesn’t really touch the sides.

On top of her Time Magazine accolades, Swift has also joined the billionaire’s club thanks to the blockbuster Eras tour. According to a Bloomberg mreport, Swift reportedly touts a net worth of $1.1 billion – cracking the big B only a couple years after those lesser known ‘urban’ musicians Dr Dre and Jay-Z.

Music for people who don’t want to think about much but their own personal grievances is back! and it’s finally being recognised by the media giants that are overjoyed to report on something that doesn’t disrupt the current political power structures and the socio-economic status quo.

Taylor Swift is the face of this revolution!

And it’s all happening for the 33-year-old pop music institution, as she affirms herself as an American sweetheart with the news that she is now dating an equally inoffensive Kansas NFL superstar, in turn giving the nation a celebrity power couple who have absolutely no association with civil rights movements or hip hop.

Slay Queen.


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