The man behind a swathe of classic and well loved movies has this year wasted a significant chunk of time.

Ridley Scott has just spent months and months (and lots of other people’s money) making a fancy new Napoleon movie, that simply won’t live up to the one and only Napoleon movie.

The man responsible for films like Blade Runner and Gladiator, has just sent his pointless portrayal of Napoleon Bonaparte out onto the silver screen.

Costing over $200 million American pesos to make, the depiction of the famous French general and emperor has been inevitably been confirmed as an inferior version of Napoleon Dynamite.

Release nearly 20 years ago, Napoleon Dynamite captured hearts and minds around the world for its loveable portrayal of a young man and his community in Preston, Idaho.

Despite not having any of the flashy battle scenes or conquering drama, Napoleon Dynamite featured some of the greatest characters ever to be captured on film.

From the chapstick loving Napoleon, to Uncle Rico who used to be able to chuck a pig skin a quarter mile, to Kip who just likes chatting online to hot babes all dayyyy to the quirky but uncompromising Deb, the film managed quickly became a fan favourite.

Made on a budget of $400,000, the film has since been undeniably recognised as the greatest film involving anyone named Napoleon.

It’s unknown why Ridley Scott even bothered, particularly given he didn’t even try to incorporate a vote for Napoleon ‘The Short King’ Bonaparte in the any of the scenes.

More to come.


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