A brave local man has today spoken to The Advocate about the biggest month of his life.

The Betoota Heights plumber named Brad Parker sat down with our humble regional newspaper to describe what his November has involved.

“Fuck, I’m blowing so much smoke,” sighed the man who has stubbornly committed to indulging in every single day of McDonalds 30 Days of Deals.

The special promotion during the month of November sees the fast food franchise offer up things like a small McChicken Meal and a Cheeseburger for $7.90 – something which isn’t to be scoffed at during this cost of living crisis.

As a result, the availability of a days worth of calories and kilojoules in one hit is something which has appealed to the likes of Brad Parker, who has set off on his own Supersize Me mission.

The cult documentary Supersize Me followed the journey of a comedian named Doug Benson, who ate nothing but McDonalds for a month.

Understandably the daily consumption of McDonalds lead to a scary array of health effects and took him 14 months to lose the weight he had put on.

However, nearly 20 years down the track, a local man here in Betoota Heights is now nearing the completion of his own Supersize Me mission.

“5 more days to go,” huffed a visibly out of breath Parker at the Betoota Heights Maccas this morning.

“The Big Mac meal and nuggets today is going to hit different.”

“But hey, when deals like this, you’ve gotta jump on em.”

“I’ve definitely started going for the soda water though.”

He then soberly stepped up to the counter to place his order.


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