14 September, 2016. 10:15


The Baird government last night released the two-year review of the lockout laws ahead of a government decision on their future of the new and improved, family-friendly Sydney.

The laws were introduced by the NSW Government in early 2014 after a series of attitude-­fuelled assaults, including the killing of a white kid, but were subject to this two-year ­review.

The laws currently restrict places of sin within the precinct in the city and the Cross from allowing any patrons to enter premises after 1.30am and sets bed time at 3am.

In the review, Former High Court judge Ian Callinan, put forward the case that closing time for over-the-counter alcohol sales be ­relaxed from 10pm to 11pm and home delivery of ­alcohol be extended from 10pm to midnight.

Premier Mike Baird has said, upon consulting several of his political advisors and Christian life coaches, that he is willing to extend over-the-counter sales until potentially midnight – so long as Sydney bottle shops agree to selling the new line of Hillsong Church branded wine.

Branded “The Blood Of Christ” – the new Hillsong wine joins thousands of other religious merchandise sold by the Sydney-based Church that has close ties with Premier Mike Baird and doesn’t seem to pay tax.

The Premier has also stated that up to five music venues would be allowed to remain open an extra half-hour until 3.30am in the Sydney CBD, and their lockouts would relaxed from 1.30am to 2am in a two-year trial – so long as up to 40% of their pub acts are playing Christian rock.

This religiously-guided decision comes as Mike Baird also promises the soon-to-be defunct Wentworth Park Greyhound Track to the Pentecostal megachurch of Hillsong, who plan to set up shop in the Sydney CBD, after 34 years in Baulkham Hills.

In another peculiar coincidence, the Hillsong ‘Bible Belt’ of Sydney’s Hills District is also the only region of NSW to have any form of public transport infrastructure under the Baird Government, in the shape of the Sydney Metro Northwest which is delivering eight new railway stations and 4000 commuter car parking spaces

The Hillsong Church, which was founded in 1983 by pastor Brian Houston and his pedophile father Frank Houston  – who sexually abused young boys in his role as a evangelical church leader –  is a the fastest-growing Christian denomination in Australia, with several high-profile members in both Government and the police force.

NSW Premier Mike Baird has previously stated that gaining support for the lockout laws was far easier with the support of Hillsong, as NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione is also a devout, high-ranking member who doesn’t believe dinosaurs ever existed.

However, when it comes to the review of lock-outs, many Nationals MPs have pushed for later takeaway alcohol sales and Deputy Premier Troy Grant made it clear last night he would push for those to be allowed until midnight, when Mr Callinan proposes home delivery of alcohol finishes.






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