13 September, 2016. 15:15


Jawbone’s hands-free bluetooth headsets only really look good on black guys, it has been confirmed by scientists from the CSIRO.

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate today, 10-year CSIRO veteran Professor Becky Wither-Goodhare says that while black women can also pull off a Jawbone, it is mainly males who work in finance or sales.

“You remember Idris Elba in the Wire?” she said.

“That’s what we are talking about. That and Denzel in Man On Fire,”

The Professor says people need to think really carefully before debuting a hands-free bluetooth device, pointing out that it is a very hard accessory to pull off.

“White men who wear hands-free headpieces end up looking like drug dealers or used car salesmen. White women who wear them tend to look like pyramid scheme,”

“Asian people can’t do it either because of Lloyd from Entourage”

In January 2011, Jawbone’s fifth Bluetooth headset, Jawbone Era was announced. It was the first to have a built-in accelerometer and motion sensing software. It functions via motion commands which involve shaking or tapping the headset twice to answer, end, or switch calls.

Professor Whiter-Goodhare says when white people use the motion sensing software and tap on the side of their heads, they look neither efficient or cool.

“They tend to look like they are bit loopy… You know, school shooter type stuff,”

“This kind of look only really looks good on black guys in tailored suits”



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