The non-stop fireworks and flaming cannons at Melbourne Storm home games has led to an investigation possible salary cap breaches within the well-financed rugby league franchise.

That comes after it was revealed that the club has sixteen full-time pyrotechnicians on the payroll.

“We, umm, we love the excitement” said NRL CEO Todd Greenberg.

“But if they are seriously paying that many people to let off fireworks at home games, then, yeah, we are gonna have to go over the books again”

“I pray to God we don’t have to strip another Premiership from them. The trophy is starting too look like it did during World War II with all the years that have been left blank”

Coach Craig Bellamy has washed his hands of any blame in the most recent scandal, stating that he always thought the hiring of sixteen pyrotechnical professionals was a bit overboard.

“That’s half the reason we had to let Cronk go” he said.

“But the club, and the NRL as a whole, can’t get enough of the flashing lights and smoke. It doesn’t really help us play better either, we dominate every other club whether we are at home or playing away”



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