With the Royal Wedding just weeks away, soon-to-be Princess and current girl you recognise from those train station ads, Meghan Markle, has spoken out about how much she is looking forward to becoming a positive role model and inspiration for millions of little ginger boys around the world.

Ms. Markle, who will wed Prince Harry in a lavish ceremony that many are describing as “on next month”, says she understands the burden and responsibility that comes with joining the royal family, and hopes that she can use her new platform to inspire hope in millions of otherwise hopeless and depressed rangas across the globe.

“It’s truly an honour and a privilege to be regarded as a beacon of hope for young redhead boys around the world”, said Ms. Markle, speaking at the launch of her new book, ‘Gingers Are People Too’. “It feels me with immense pride to know that, when they look at me, they can see that, in spite of their terrible, terrible affliction, they might find happiness and love one day as well”

“Red-headism is something I take very seriously, and I hope that through the charitable work I have already done, and will continue to do, in sleeping with Prince Harry, I can continue to have a positive impact on gingers from all walks of life”

Ms. Markle, who has always been a strong advocate for equal rights, says that she hopes her platform will shed light on an under-represented minority in the fight for social justice.

“Many people don’t even see gingas as folks who need help and support. Instead, they just tease them about their ridiculous hair and the fact that they have no soul. As funny as those jokes are, its also important to remind red-headed people that they, too, deserve to be happy, and to find their own beautiful American actress of mixed heritage”.

Meanwhile, red-headed people around the world are thrilled that, finally, someone is speaking them, and not laughing at them.

“Seeing Meghan get involved in red-head issues has truly been a breath of fresh air”, said Barry Fyrekrocch, President of the Betoota chapter of the Royal Australian National Gingers Association, or RANGA.

“To see someone of her stature and grace take the time to do meaningful work in the red-head community and marry one of us is truly special. I hope one day I can find someone just like her. Or literally anyone at all. Seriously. Anyone.”


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