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One of the three Responsible Service of Alcohol Marshalls surveying the odd thousand revellers spilling out into the Dolphins Leagues Club car park this afternoon is currently looking for his next day to ruin.

Brett Goodiman, of Betoota Ponds, said he’s already thrown ten blokes out for showing signs of intoxication and “that’s only the start” according to the well-built 47-year-old.

“At the moment, I’m stalking this bloke in a red shirt who’s been shouting quite loudly and using obscene language,” he told our reporter.

“That’s him over there, you see? I’ve already instructed the bar staff not to serve him but it looks like his mates are feeding him beers, which presents a problem,”

“I could just let it go and hope he wakes up to himself and leaves to get something to eat but it doesn’t look like it. Even though there are no families here and it’s basically just the football club and their mates out the back here, I think he presents a significant risk to himself and those around him,”

“He’s got to go.”

Our reporter then observed the former armed guard and a colleague put in motion a classic pincer manoeuvre – seen in pubs and clubs around the country.

One bouncer moved in down the western fence while another moved directly toward the man in the red shirt.

Goodiman moved like a snake through the stubble and confronted the red shirt man, who knew the jig was up.

So he pushed Brett in the chest and began scaling the chainlink fence behind him, kicking a bouncer in the throat who tried to pull him down.

With one last loud battle cry and a cheer from the crowd, the man in the red shirt disappeared into the Jones Avenue lignum swamp and is currently wanted by the South Betoota Police Force.

More to come.


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