A Melbourne suburb that used to be a bit dangerous, but has since been sterilised by bearded art students, is now at the centre of a coffee revolution.

Collingwood, in the Victorian capital’s North-East, has this week been at the centre of the newest trend in cafe culture.

Taking inspiration from last year’s ‘deconstructed coffee’ hysteria, Dom Mimmiscio, owner of the Shredded Chalk cafe on Chapel Street has taken the transparency of his single-origin coffee blend to another level.

“When people want to see what our coffee is made out of, we give them that option” he says.

“I mean, obviously it’s both ethical and organic – by the standards of the country we source from – but I think we need to be able to prove that”

Dom says he’s done this by including the African child coffee plantation workers alongside the unroasted coffee beans they harvest, as well as the boiling glass beakers of a deconstructed flat white.

“Our customers really love being able to see the process of our coffee”

“We keep a couple rows of trees out the back in a green room with a couple pre-teens from the Ivory coast”

“We’ve even thrown a few warlords in there with Kalashnikovs to keep it authentic”


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