In the middle of a heaving nightclub celebrating the last few days before work returns, a local man has made a point of pushing through the crowds to grab his other mate.

Chase dodges through the crowd, while blowing air into the front of his mouth and cupping it together with pursed lips. He grabs his mate, Lachie, the friend with all kinds of friends – they need to chat.

It’s a discussion he’s been meaning to have with him tonight, and as the DJ drops an ASAP Ferg remix, it’s not something that can wait.

“How good are these pills?” Chase says to Lachie.

“Fuck me. You were right about them. Where’s this guy from?”

“I can’t hear you, speak into my ear!” Lachie responds

“These pills. They are good. Do you think they are good?” Chase says while showing slight signs of MDMA affection and placing his hand on Lachie’s shoulder.

“Oh yeah. What’d I tell you” says Lachie.

“So fucking good. He’s from out of town but I can give you his number if you want. Just text first with my name.”

That’s all Chases really needed to say, and to be offered a permanent connect, that just makes him glow even more inside.

“That’d be great, bro”

“I love you man [haha]”


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