A local office worker who’s always been a bit of a jokester is today feeling incredibly threatened by the new guy who just started, after the new employee started making jokes that are actually funny.
Barry Milson, a regional manager at a mid-level Betoota finance company, has always prided himself on being the joker of the office, with his ‘hilarious’ and ‘non-PC’ takes on a wide range of topics, such as women, or minorities, or minority women.
“I’ve got so many good ones” said Mr. Milson. “The other day, Tina was in the kitchen making a cuppa and I was like ‘Ooh, make me a sandwich while you’re at it, darl’ and it was great! You should have seen her face! Ha ha”
“Or that one time Raj came in with some lunch from home and I was like ‘Oh here we go, gonna have a curry smell all over the place!’ Got him soo good haha. I mean, it wasn’t a curry, it was a bacon and egg roll, but still, I reckon everyone loved that one”
“Or today, when Mike came in crying being all like ‘My Dad just passed away from a heart-attack’ and I was like ‘oh all right, ya poof haha’. But seriously though, his dad did die, feel for him a bit”
However, Mr. Milson’s title as ‘Office Seinfeld’ (Editor’s note: according to management, there is no such award, and also, they’ve been meaning to talk to Mr. Milson about some of his comments) has come under serious threat, after several reports emerged that a young new hire told a genuinely funny story about being stuck at a bus depot one time.
Mr. Milson says he is furious at the news.
“Frankly, It’s like there’s no sense of respect for your fellow co-workers here. We are trying to work, don’t need to be wasting time listening to some mundane story our new accounts girl pulled out of her arse”
While Mr. Milson is certain he can regain his crown soon (according to him, “I’ve got this great Caitlyn Jenner joke I’ve been DYING to use on one of our copy boys, Bruce”), his colleagues are not as confident in his skill.
“I fucking hate that guy”, said everyone interviewed.


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