After a negative experience at a local chicken shop, semi-retirees Lionel and Linda decided to take matters all the way to the top by complaining on the business’s Facebook page.

From their shared account, LindaandLionel Norman, the couple posted this 1-star review on the Facebook page of Juicy Charcoal Takeaway:

“I had to wait 20 bloody minutes before someone told me I hadn’t ordered. There wasn’t enough chicken salt on the chips, chicken salt goes nice with chips so why wasn’t there any? And they gave it to me in a bag even though I said I could just carry it. The girl or boy or whatever it was at the counter was hopeless and needs to learn proper English please!”

Since posting the review Linda states they have s not received any reply from the company despite refreshing the page every couple of minutes.

Following the lack of action from Juicy Charcoal Takeaway, Lionel Norman commented on a photo of hot chips the takeaway restaurant posted in 2013 stating: “bet you mongrels forgot the chicken salt on those too! – Lionel”

While he is not 100% sure he likes social media, Norman is happy to be given an opportunity to take matters into his own hands and complain directly to the low-level employee whose thankless job it is to maintain the business’s social media presence.

Norman states that while he is disappointed by the lack of response from Juicy Charcoal Takeaway he is glad he now has the internet at his disposal so he can share his true feelings with everyone who has ever annoyed him.

“I’ve got big plans once my grandson teaches me how to use the Twitter. Not wanting to spoil anything but if you’re a bald cockhead named David Kochie you better watch out.”


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