While residents in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria are today being reminded that when it feels warm outside, it is a good idea to drink water so your body doesn’t stop working, our often forgotten cousins in the Top End are once again feeling bitter about all of the sympathy being shown towards Southerners.

Southerners have been advised to drink plenty of water, take care in the surf and prepare properties for the increased bushfire danger – as complete fire bans begin getting rolled out right across both NSW and Victoria.

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned of severe heatwave conditions for much of the south across the weekend with the mercury expected to peak on Sunday.

Parts of NSW are tipped to reach 45C on Saturday, with most of the state expected to suffer through temperatures above 40C on Sunday.

However, Darwin as a capital has come out swinging today, demanding that the rest of the country suck it up, and realise that this kind of heat is commonplace in the tip.

“Throw the 83% humidity on top of that” says Darwin.

“You lot a being very soft. Like, did we seriously need to remind people to drink more water when there bodies feel hot?”


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