“Hey can you guys keep it down a bit” he asked the fellow guests in his thick Ohio accent.

“Some people are trying to do stuff”

The time is 6:30 pm, somewhere along the Croatian coastline, and a backpacker named Jed is trying to watch S3E4 of Suits – in the middle of a youth hostel common room.

While the rest of the young backpackers play cards and talk about the world, Jed seems to be more interested in watching Prince Harry’s wife-to-be play the role of a para-legal in New York City.

Fellow guest Britney, an English girl, says everyone should be entitled to a bit of peace and quiet, but does point out that it’s quite weird that Jed hasn’t actually done anything else since he arrived.

“I mean, sure curl up on a couch in the evenings if you want, but I saw him doing this at midday”

“and the only reason he’s out here in the common room is because he lucked out and got a top bunk”

“I literally think this is all he plans on doing here”

While the rest of the intrepid travellers begin to cook up their noodles for dinner, Jed once again scowls at the noise they are making in the kitchen, even going as far as passive aggressively taking off his headphones.

“Hey guys can you just keep it down in the shared kitchen” he says.


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