Local gay guy, Jack, has today confided in his close friend Sarah that he’s not too sure about this new guy that their friends have been hanging around with.

Jack says the new flavour of the month, Craig, who is also gay, just rubs him the wrong way – and if it’s the same bloke he’s heard about from a few other friends – it’s probably worth steering clear of him because he’s one of the toxic types of people who came across really nice before you get to know them.

Jack says this is in no way related to an issue of him ‘owning a lane’ – but he just wants to look after these girls, and he wouldn’t bring it up if he didn’t think it was important.

“No I don’t feel like I’m being replaced” he tells our reporters.

“By that guy? Please”

“I just, I don’t know what it is, I just get a bad vibe from the guy”

Sarah says there’s probably a few reasons for this hostility towards Craig, and does blame herself for trying to set Jack up with every single gay guy she has ever met.

“Yeah, I got into a bit of trouble when I tried to set him up with my hairdresser. How was I supposed to know the age gap would be that big. Bill looked twenty years younger than he is”

“But I think the issue with Craig is that they have the exact same jokes, personality and alpha status”



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