Despite all the adversity faced by local man, Xavier Reilly, he has decided to go against his parents wishes and dedicate his life to creating mildly topical 1000 pixel x 1000 pixel JPEG images, to be shared around the internet for one week at a time.

Xavier (29) says his parents have for a long time pushed him towards full time employment and often bring up the possibility of him moving out of their home. He says they simply don’t understand.

“My normie parents will never know the power I have as a Facebook meme page admin,”

“My Dad doesn’t understand that I am basically famous,”


Shark_meme_water_.jpg was Xavier's first meme to feature on @BrownCardigan
Shark_meme_water_.jpg was Xavier’s first meme to feature on @BrownCardigan – he is very proud of this meme.

As a moderately advanced photoshop user, Xavier subscribes to the “dank” genre of meme creation. This means his subjects usually involved obscure references to topical hip hop music, conspiracy theories, early Australian-Idol contestants and nostalgic 90’s television characters.

“My parent’s don’t understand that this requires my full attention, in terms of moderating my page and other pages that try to steal my OC (original content),”

“I was featured on Brown Cardigan a few months ago, they wouldn’t understand how big of an honour that is,”

Xavier believes that he is a meme robot from outer space
Xavier believes that he is a meme robot from outer space

While refusing to answer to his birth-name of Xavier, the man who prefers to go by the name of PriscillaMemeOfTheDesert69 vows that he will not be seeking full time employment until he can generate an income from memes.

“The Fat Jew has made millions stealing my memes,”

“Not that I want to sell out and make millions, but I definitely want to recognised for my memes,”

PriscillaMemeOfTheDesert69’s dad, John says he doesn’t know if his son has ever met a female of the same age.

“He claims to have a heap of girlfriends that I’ll never know or see because I’m a normie. Whatever that means,”

“I spent my entire life unclogging pipes to get this kid through university and now all he wants to do is crack lame one-liners on his ‘me-mes’ – I am very disappointed,”

“Every time I suggest he goes down to the pub to watch a game of football and meet people he ends up calling me a boomer and telling me to get out of his me-me lab”

PriscillaMemeOfTheDesert69 says it’s only a matter of time until his family acknowledge the empire he is building.

“One day they will see,”

“I am the sultan of mildly relevant memes”



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