Local police have warned they will be targeting drivers listening to trance this Easter break.

The ban, which specifically aims to prevent people from listening to Darude’s Sandstorm while driving, will run until Tuesday – after a spade of incidents involving the popular 90’s tune.

Shoalhaven man, Nathan Wells had a brush with death earlier this year while blasting the song on a road trip with friends.

“It’s just such a banger” said the 39 year old grocery store worker.

“I completely lost control during that first drop. It felt like I was on pingers at 2003-era warehouse party in the ‘Gong,”

“The last thing I remember was losing consciousness while I was trapped upside down in the windshield. It’s such a fucking tune,”

NSW police spokesman Sgt. Mike Nolan said the song was dangerous for everyone on the road.

“Driver fatigue and Darude’s sandstorm are a potent and deadly mix” he said.

“It’s impossible to drive for 5 minutes straight with no hands on the wheel.

“I don’t care how euphoric the song makes you feel, driving to Darude will be placed in the same category as driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol until midnight next week.


  1. What a complete load of bollocks! Are you really so unprofessional that you have to write complete and utter garbage? Done with this site!

  2. STUPID POLICE!!!! It’s only a bloody song! They are nothing but a bunch of drama queens and they are totally overacting about nothing!!!! They’re always out to spoil everybody’s fun, SELFISH IDIOTS!!!!!! And anyway, people could be distracted from driving while listening to ANY SONG, not just Darude – Sandstorm!!!!!! Sgt. Mike Nolan is an absolute MORON and I have ever meet him I will punch him up the bracket!!!!!!! Btw, Nathan Wells has a good taste in music!

  3. Nanny state. What are they going to stop next? Listening to AM radio whilst driving? What about all those old k*#ts listening to Radio National half-dead-one-foot-in-the-grave north shore types. I bet they’ve never had a good pinger in their life.


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