Despite an obvious appreciation for the Fair Work Commission, South Betoota construction worker Andy Novasmoko (36) is taking great joy in doing an unfairly small amount of work in the name of his lapsed trades union membership.

Andy says that, while he isn’t up to date with his fees, he knows his rights – and to make someone work an eight hour day, with clouds in the sky, this close to Easter is completely ‘unfuckingAustralian’ – even though he works as a contractor for a suburban family construction company.

“Mate the people before us worked hard for these rights and I’m not going to let any small to medium business owners tread on me when there’s forecasts for late showers”

“The bottom line is, if we didn’t have people who stood up before us, there’d still be kids working in coal mines. That’s the bottom line”

Local union delegate, Ted (name changed) says Andy is more of a hindrance to the unions cause than a boost.

“He’s not even a member mate. He’s made the choice to buy one extra packet of smokes a month over becoming a unionised worker”

“He’s just told all the apprentices that the whole site was striking because there was only one ply toilet paper in the portaloo”

“Then he called them all scabs when they told him to piss off”



  1. I really like it how it looks like you guys have ‘shopped in a few extra random/choice stickers to an american construction workers lid… but that’s just me


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