21 December, 2016. 13:23

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Down from eleven knife crime incidents last year to only seven, the cheery Brisbane satellite town of Ipswich has celebrated their annual Carols by Meth pipe festival overnight.

To enormous fanfare, the Ipswich Regional Choir worked their way through a vast lexicon of traditional Christmas Carols as well as a few more classic numbers.

As the carolers began their rousing rendition of Silent Night, those in the crowd retired their lightbulbs, pipes and tinfoil tacos from their purses and pockets and joined each other in a sticky haze of meth smoke.

“I just love it when the town comes together and bonds over some good glacier-tier shit,” explained one Coalfalls resident.

“When we tweak out and call one another ‘brus’ and ‘champ,’ it really gets me going. There’s something special about this town around Christmas time. It’s just the best place on Earth.” he said.

Now in its tenth year, the Carols by Meth Pipe Festival attracts some of the nation’s most colourful and emerging young people. Visitors from other cosmopolitan pipe towns from such as Wellington in central western NSW and Collie over in WA also made the trip over.

More to come.




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