A prisoner at Sydney’s Long Bay Correctional Complex is recovering in protective custody today after becoming victim to a ’10-on-1 gang bash’ inside his open cell.

It is believed the inmate, who was recently transferred from a lower security prison in central NSW, was ‘running his mouth’ about the 2003 Christmas-themed romantic comedy film, Love Actually.

The prisoner was set upon unexpectedly after making fun of the award-winning Richard Curtis screenplay, that delves into different aspects of love as shown through ten separate stories involving a wide variety of individuals.

A spokesman for the correctional centre said the man at the centre of the unrest is lucky to be alive.

“They watch that film every year on the 17th of December. And every day after that until New Years eve essentialy”

“They love it”

It was clarified by witnesses that the victim had allegedly stood up and blocked the television during a crucial scene in the iconic romcom. After being twice repremanded by other prisoners to ‘not take the piss’ – he made matters worse by sniggering at their film suggestion.

“We believe he said something about Hugh Grant’s character within the film. And how he is an unlikeable British actor”

“Right now he is in a critical state and we are preparing to transfer him to a specialist hospital outside”






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