If you thought 2018 was going to be better than 2017 you might want to give up hope now as it has been confirmed today that Ketut (28) has won 50% in his divorce lawsuit against ex-wife and safe driver, Rhonda (45).

In what was a bitter shock to romantic hopefuls everywhere, the celebrity couple filed for divorce in 2016, just two years after tying the knot.

Famous for meeting on holiday in Bali, Rhonda and Ketut captured Australia’s heart with their unorthodox love story that was made possible by all the money Rhonda saved by driving safe and never claiming on her comprehensive car insurance.

Along with retaining his Australian citizenship, Ketut’s lawyers were happy to report he has won 50% of Rhonda’s wealth, including half the money she saved by not making a car insurance claim.

Sources close to Rhonda say while they feel sad for their friend, perhaps she should have seen it coming.

“She’s normally a lot more cautious than this but she was simply taken by Ketut. I hate to say but for someone with such a famous brake foot, she really should have applied the brakes on this one a bit earlier.”

Reports that Ketut has been seeing a new woman are yet to be confirmed, although unconfirmed rumours state he may be seeing a woman called Amy and that he is ‘lucky to be with Amy.’


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