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It takes a lot for sheep and cattle farmers to put aside their differences and unite for the greater good.

On a national level, the fight for drought relief and market protections has brought them together in the past.

But today, on a more local level, locals from the Northern Lakes district on the Betoota City Limits have united to combat a vastly more serious issue.

The Hogget & Heifer, a popular watering hole for local farmers and graziers, has announced their intention to remove Betoota Bitter from their taps as the look to appeal to a different, trendier crowd.

Scores of local drinkers were shocked by the move at first, but that initial jolt of surprise has been replaced by furious anger – which has led to a boycott of the hotel by the regulars.

“It’s outrageous!” said Philip Tuckworth, a prime lamb producer and Border Leicester stud owner.

“We’ve been coming here for generations! There are photos of my family on the walls here. There’s photos of everybody’s family on the walls here. Taking Betoota Bitter off tap here is nothing short of cultural vandalism!”

“They do a great roast here each Sunday. But that’s beside the point. Boycott! Boycott!”

The Advocate reached out to the management of The Hogget & Heifer for comment and received a short statement in return.

Addressed to ‘whom it may concern,’ the letter outlined why Betoota Bitter was removed from the tap rotation.

“Betoota Bitter will still be available in cans, stubbies and flagons over the bar and in our drive-through bottle shop,” the statement said.

“However, we’ve decided to move in a new direction without tap beer. Our team is moving away from the mass-produced beers and looking to foster a closer relationship with our local breweries and producers.”

“We hope that our locals will return and end their boycott as we’re the only pub in the district. Locally produced lamb, beef and pork will still be served in the carvery. We hope we can put aside our differences for the greater good of the town.”

More to come.


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