After being told to fuck off by both Spotify and several prominent Australian recording artists, Senator Cory Bernardi has had to resort to including a few songs about blackfella rights in his ‘alternative hottest 100’ – just to make up the numbers.

Senator Bernardi, head of the Australian Conservatives party, created the list after youth station Triple J announced that it was moving this year’s Hottest 100 countdown from its traditional Australia Day date to the day before

The station said it moved the countdown in recognition of “increasing debate” surrounding and the day’s meaning for th Australian Indigenous people.

The Senator accused the station of bowing to political correctness and the feelings of black people – and launched his own playlist for people to play at barbecues and parties on Australia Day, but many musicians were furious at being associated with the conservative senator. Spotify have also made it clear that they don’t fuck with Bernardi on any level, although his playlist remains.

As more and more bands peel off and threaten legal action, Bernardi has had to delve deeper into the Australian rock archives and find other chart toppers to include in his list to make the numbers.

“Beds Are Burning could be about anything” said Bernardi.

“It could be about literally trying to sleep in a burning bed. And Solid Rock could be just about solid rock music… It’s doesn’t have to strictly be political”

“In fact, no music should be political”


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