Friends and family of Ben Smith have confirmed to The Advocate today that it’s about time that he gave away his old Year 12 jersey.

As Hawtin enters his 3rd year of university at the Betoota Polytechnic, long time friend Josh Herschel took the young man aside to give him some advice.

“Mate, come on yeah. The only thing lamer than going on about your ATAR after you have started uni, is wearing your fucking senior jersey to class,” Herschel said to Smith.

“It says “Smithy” on it for fuck sake Smith. You can’t wear it anymore. It was questionable during Year 12, but it is quite clear to everyone that you never got called Smithy”

After initially taking it pretty badly, Smith has come round to the realisation that you can’t be taken seriously as an adult if you are wearing a novelty jersey designed by yourself in Year 12.

“Yeah, I guess it was time. I thought about it, I was only seeing people in groups with school bags wearing them and thought maybe that time is past for me,” said Smith.

“Maybe I could get one of those cool varsity style jackets from the Polytechnic Union Store?” he asked us before nodding to himself.

We told Herschel about the latest comment from Smith, and he just shook his head.

“If he does that I am done. Honestly, I don’t wanna be seen with him if wears one of those,” said Herschel.


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