Years of living with his parents, working in hospitality and endless auditions are finally paying off for high school colleague Beau Stewart (30) who has finally made his big break appearing on a television ad for Vics Vapour Rub.

The 30-second television ad debuted last Thursday night on Channel 9’s GEM station and featured Stewart pretending to be the father of a child with a cold, showing you once and for all you should never have called him gay for doing drama.

“How could I be gay when I’m pretending to rub Vics onto a boy pretending to be my son? That’ll show ‘em!”

According to Stewart, while your life has remained the same, his life has changed forever since the ad first debuted.

“At my cafe, they don’t ask for my name anymore. The lady at the counter says “There you go Mr TV Star!” Probably wants me to remember her when I’m famous.”

While you look forward to mentioning Stewart’s TV appearance to your mates who you don’t see enough anymore because of family and work, Stewart is busy trying to not get caught up in the hype and refocus his efforts on his original goal.

“Pretty much got my sights set on being the next Joel Edgerton. How many people from his class saw Bright and thought he was a loser when he was standing next to Will Smith dressed as an Orc?”

Not letting his newfound success go to his head, Stewart is committed to taking on new staring roles, not just as the father of sick kids, but potentially as a dad who has to make dinner while the wife is away or even as the dickhead boyfriend of a woman on her period.

Spokespeople from the Vics marketing team say so far they are happy with Stewart’s commercial stating a mild increase in sales since the commercial’s original air date.

“All things going well we won’t have to make another TVC (Television commercial) for another eight years and we can keep running this.”

While desperate not to be typecast, Stewart states the most difficult aspect of life as a celebrity is not knowing who your real friends are.

“Yeah I’ve had a lot of people calling me lately trying to meet up, you just don’t know who to trust you know? Most of them just want the money back they lent me, but it’s spooky man. Fame does funny things to people.”


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