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Recalling his favourite episode of British variety show, QI, the Prime Minister retired to his study to find and download it from the internet.

As the internet is reportedly quite fast in the leafy Sydney peninsula of Point Piper, Malcolm Turnbull thought he’d have time to hose down his kayak after finding the episode on a Pirate Bay mirror site and get the download going.

But he was wrong.

The episode arrived in 20 minutes, the 100mbit internet connection making short work of the 140mb file.

Turnbull, shocked at the blistering speed, spoke to The Advocate a short time ago after ‘his head stopped spinning.’

“You should’ve seen it,” he said.

“There I was, down on my jetty after getting the download going. Next thing I know, I’m halfway through hosing the kayak down and Lucy screams from the balcony that the download has finished,”

“I was blown away. Why does everybody say the NBN is terrible? How much speed do they want? The speed that I’m getting is very impressive. You can get a download going and then you’ve got time to do other things, like catch up on housework and the like.”

Never the less, the internet speeds at the editorial offices of the Betoota Advocate aren’t quite as good.

Our reporters spoke to a local information technology person and told him what the Prime Minister told The Advocate.

The person paused and thought carefully about what he was going to say.

“Ah well,” he said.

“I’m not surprised. I’m not surprised that Malcolm like QI. I used to like it when Stephen Fry was running the show. The new stuff is like the new Top Gear,”

“Sometimes I feel like running away and joining the French Foreign Legion. I won’t need to worry about the internet when I’m chasing Al Shabaab through the sandhills of Mali, will I?

More to come.




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