It is widely accepted the internet is the worse thing to happen to other people’s opinions since the conception of other people’s opinions. Once such example is local roller door installer, Rufus Cooper (59) who says he is entitled to his opinion and has an interesting Breitbart article that might change your mind.

“There’s no need to be politically correct because it’s the easy way out. Look at this article, it’s on the money mate.”

“Paul Murray spoke about it the other night too. It’s so bang on”

Rather than rephrasing what he learnt from Breitbart, a far-right conspiracy journal that contains blatant racism instead of the usually journalistically-acceptable mildly-concealed racism, Cooper is sure someone with an opposing ideology will come around to his point of view by reading an article that reinforced what he already strongly believed.

“Mate, you think African gangs in Melbourne aren’t a real problem, I disagree. I’m entitled to my opinion. If you need more convincing, here’s an article that might change your mind about something completely different that maybe happened in the states. Have a gander.”

“The crime is so bad in some areas outside of my suburb”

While aware many members of the far-right including white supremacy groups use Breitbart as their main news source, Cooper maintains the site simply caters to people who tell it like it is and don’t bother about being politically incorrect.

“Yes, I get my news from the same place war criminals would have turned to 70 years ago but that’s my right. Still beats the shit out of youth publishers writing stories about celebrities posting naked pictures on Instagram and saying it’s offensive for people who can’t grow pubes. Why read that when you can read something written by someone who loves racial slurs more than you?”

Cooper claims using Breitbart as a news source is not a cop-out but something that puts you face to face with real adversity.

“The same goes with Paul Murray” he says, a Millennial media commentator who also confirms just about every guilty pleasure [prejudices] he carries with him into his 60s.

“People slag you off the moment you bring it [Breitbart] up, saying it’s racist and shit like that.”

“Well let me tell you this, these youth publishers like the New Matilda and the Junkees they’re racist too! To blokes just like me, just because I’m a white man. So get off your high horse you bloody lefties and think a bit critically for once.”

According to Cooper, backing his opinion online is important and that if you start slagging off a publisher because you disagree with something they’ve written you are “a soft little loser who can’t handle a dose of the truth.”

“I’m just trying to tell these snowflakes the age of entitlement is over, and that’s an opinion I’m allowed to have. OK?”



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