Birdsville man, Andre Dodds (29), the last six months have been spent getting everything ready for a new arrival.

Both he and his wife have made sure they’ve trained their cat to be baby-friendly and have completely refurbed the new nursery, not to mention sourcing a pram, cot and nearly hundred pieces of both new and second-hand baby clothes.

As an excited father-to-be, he just couldn’t wait to get this over with and meet his first child. A daughter.

However, this pivotal life moment has also landed on another important day for the Dodds family. The day the NBN guy arrives to help get the new and improved internet up and running, finally.

“Adelaide St, Birdsville QLD 4482, Australia” says Andre.

“How often do you reckon we get federally contracted government employees to this address?”

“I missed the bloke last time because we were in at Roma getting check ups. I’m not missing it again”

With his wife currently in the late stages of childbirth, Andrew and Seve [the NBN guy] are currently have a red hot yarn about the Cowboys close loss to the Storm on Saturday night.

“Golden point. Fuck me what a game” says Andre.

“Tell me about it” says Seve. “Anyway this might take a while, have you got anywhere to be?”

“Yeah I’ll have to pick up my missus at about three, but I’ll around here till then”

When asked by our reporters if he thought the new copper-wire broadband internet could have waited until baby had been settled in, Andre says his wife will be thanking him when she has unlimited streaming of Orange Is The New Black over the next few weeks.

“Mate it’s either stand around in the maternity ward and get yelled at, or get this shit sorted once and for all”

“I’ve been waiting for ages”


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