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A South Betootanese 47-year-old volunteered the use of his mid-50s Californian bungalow to a group of mates last night after they all got kicked out of a nearby licensed venue.

Peter Gunk, a systems administrator at the local shire, instructed a number of friends to pick up a number of cartons before they left the pub.

“I can confirm that I hosted a kick-on last night, it was loose,” he said.

“So, so loose. But yeah, things took a bit of a turn when the sun started to come up. It totally ruined the vibe because like you realise that you’ve basically jet-lagged yourself by staying up all night drinking. Yeah, but nah, it was good.”

Much to Gunk surprise, some pals have agreed to come around this afternoon to help with the cleanup.

They too have revealed to The Advocate that everything was going great last night until the sun came up.

“That usually when people start peeling off for bed,” said friend Fred Collins, 54.

“When the dealers stop answering their phones and the conversations get deeper and more and more scat with each passing minute. That and the sun coming up. It’s a recipe for disaster.”

Mr Gunk said he plans to spend the first part of his afternoon sitting in the shower on a plastic chair throwing up his partially digested brunch.

Gunk et al. were part of a wider study into the kick-on culture sweeping the district, which has found that close to 90% of all parties and late-night boozers are ruined by the sun coming up.

Details of the report are set to be released next week.

More to come.



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