With Greek Easter taking place this weekend, the entire extended family of Eleni Ladopsomo have been told all they need to focus on doing is making sure every grandson brings a nice girl with them to the family lunch.

Eleni (88) is currently halfway through cooking an oversized meal for her eight children and 30 grandchildren, plus a couple of random local Greeks who have no one else to celebrate with.

After being offered a hand relocating with the XXL pot currently boiling eight kilos of peeled and sliced potatoes, Yiayia looks like someone has just died.

“NO” she says.

“Go outside”

Family members, while thankful that this task has been self-delegated can’t help but at least hint at wanting to help her their very senior matriarch, but are constantly meet with a stern hostility.


“Go find girlfriend” she tells her gay 45-year-old grandson, Con.

“She no have to be Greek. Italiano maybe”

Aside from her furious insistence that no one help her, it is also worth noting that she hasn’t once picked at this growing spread.

With the infectious smell lamb and lemon juice drifting down the street, there is a good chance this 18-part meal will continue slow cooking until Sunday morning, when the rich relatives from Brisbane arrive.




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