After more than a year-long Baton Relay that no one was paying attention to, millions of tax-payer dollars spent on temporary infrastructure, and months of choreography – the festivities finally began last night at Carrara Stadium with the opening ceremony of the XXI Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

The Aussie cultural landmarks showcased included Migaloo the whale, kombis, beach culture, Indigenous culture and creation stories and much more.

However, it was one particular Gold Coast-specific cultural phenomena that stole the show, as the South-East Queensland’s iconic bikie-culture was payed homage with a parade of different representatives from prominent local chapters.

“The motorbikes were great!” said Prime Minister Turnbull in an interview with Samantha Armytage on the Today Show.

“Obviously they make up a big part of the Gold Coast way of life and it’s great to have them included in the festivities, even if they aren’t meant to be seen in groups of more than three after Campbell Newman’s bikie blitz a few years back”

It is believed that the stringent laws targeting bikie gangs in Queensland have been briefly lifted for the next fortnight, as games organisers feel they could use the extra hands to help deal with protestors and the rare crowds of spectators.

The music was also well budgeted for with everyone from Christine Anu to Delta Goodrem showing the greater British Empire just how good we have it when it comes to hot-hit FM radio content direction.


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