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The opening ceremony of the hotly-anticipated Commonwealth Sports Carnival received a double thumbs up from a local father, who says he’s just happy to have some more sports to watch.

That – and it’s booted My Kitchen Rules off the airways for two weeks.

Stanley Parsons, a bank manager at the Diamantina Loan and Savings Co-Op on Morris Street, said that he was often relegated to the small TV he has in his garden shed of an evening time.

But not for the next couple weeks.

“If I wanted to watch the Lions or the Cowboys, I’d have to go out in the shed,” he said.

“My wife and kids would hog the plasma in the living room from the start of the Imparja news hour to nigh on bloody midnight most nights. I’d be lucky if I could slither back in and stretch out in front of a U-Boat documentary in the wee hours,”

“But now the boot is on the other foot. It’s just like the Winter Olympics all over again.”

Stan’s sentiments were not echoed by his wife, Janie, who told our reporters that she’s not particularly impressed with her favourite cooking show being left on the sidelines.

Taking time out of her busy Thursday morning to speak to The Advocate, the mother-of-two said she didn’t know why Network Seven bother to have ‘four or five’ other channels if they’re not even going to use them.

“They’re playing a fucking Storage Wars marathon today or Seven Mate. Can’t you just put MKR on that channel?” she said.

“And they ended it on a cliffhanger as well. I’m livid! Honestly, the ads aren’t helping either. Someone gets booted off and apparently, someone has a swing at Manu. I’ll tell you what, by the time it’s back on the air, I’ll be ready to rip Pete’s stupid sideburns off his stupid head!”

“I’ve had to suffer through the cricket, the Winter Olympics and a resurgent Broncos outfit. Now I’ve got to suffer through the Commonwealth Games? It hardly seems fair.”

More to come.



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