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Sacha Boromir arrived home to South Betoota just before Christmas but he’s not ready to let go of London, according to his wallet.

There are times when, upon boarding the KonnektSouth Bus line that goes past his parent’s three bedder on Green Road, he accidentally pulls his Oyster card – London’s equivalent of Betoota’s BaiameCard – from his wallet and holds it to the touch plate.

“Whoops,” he’d say.

“I’ve just returned from two years in London! Force of habit, I guess! Let me just get my BaiameCard out, hope it’s still got some money on it!”

But Sacha knows and the people who see him with his Oyster card in hand know, that the 28-year-old’s London dream died long, long ago.

He spoke to our reporter at a popular French Quarter cafe this afternoon.

“I guess I’m not ready to let go,” he said.

“Other there, I was somebody. Here, I’m just another piece of shit floating in the toilet bowl of life. I was Sasha, from Australia. That defined me. My friends back home thought, ‘Gosh. Old Sach is really kicking goals. He lives in London now, he’s having the time of his fucking life,’

“Nowadays, I’m sleeping in my childhood bedroom and going to one job interview a week. Life is hard.”

When asked if he’d consider taking the Oyster card out of his wallet and perhaps keeping it safe somewhere, Sacha said he’d consider it – just not yet.

More to come.



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