A unkept left mandibular third molar has today taken full control over a local human being, by causing more pain than any other physical ailment in recent history.

The troubled piece of dental of anatomy is 20.5 mm with an crown length of 7.5 mm and a root length of 13 mm, rendering it far too small to have such big political pull over the rest of the body – but nevertheless – it is still able to ruin the day.

“Fuck” says the human, who is starting to regret her last two year’s of half-hearted dental hygiene and high sugar intake.

“This is fucked. I can’t eat anything and it’s really expensive to fix this”

“It fucking hurts”

Teeth are among the most distinctive, and long-lasting features of mammal species. Humans, like other mammals, are diphyodont, meaning that they develop two sets of teeth. The first set, colloquially known as baby teeth, normally start to appear at about six months of age.

However, it is the second set that is known to cause the most drama for fully grown human beings, as they aren’t as expendable and can often be overlooked for everyday adult responsibilities.

“I wish I could just pull this fucking thing out” said the human.

“What’s the point of them. I can only drink smoothies anyway”



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