Australian Conservatives federal leader Cory Bernardi has returned from his Easter long weekend with a new highly personalised grievances that have somehow become national news.

It appears his conspiracies about lefties taking the Christianity out of the chocolates and bunny rabbits have taken a back seat as the very minor party Senator informs the world of some other shit that’s worrying him.

The former professional rower who defected from the Liberal Party to start his own party has lashed out at his former South Australian colleagues, accusing them of white-anting his party from within by considering joining the Liberal Party.

Prior to his most recent headlines, Bernardi’s last appearance in the news was related to his disgust at being referred to as a cunt by the ABC – however, his newest tantrum is believed to actually be related to politics, leaving many Australians to ponder, what’s this cunt on about now?”

The party’s South Australian leader, Dennis Hood, announced on Monday he was quitting to join Premier Steven Marshall’s newly-elected Liberal government.

It was later revealed that Mr Hood had been encouraged to consider the move by his Conservatives colleague Robert Brokenshire, who was up for re-election at this month’s poll.

With the count of Legislative Council votes yet to be finalised, Mr Brokenshire, a former Liberal minister, appears unlikely to be returned.

This internal conflict appears to be more dramatic than the internal conflict Bernardi detested in his last party, which he left to start his own party, before all of his new colleagues started defecting to the his old party.


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