A gay man with a mild case of Asperger’s is basically immune from any sort of accountability, it has been confirmed.

Kon Bacey (40) has achieved a lot of things in his life for which he has been celebrated many times, however, when it comes to regrets, Kon doesn’t really have any because everything bad that he has done is a direct result of being a gay man with asperger’s.

“It’s really weird that these two things basically provide me a cloak of immunity from anything bad that I do” he says.

“It’s actually quite good. I can do whatever I want in terms of personal gratification, even if it’s illegal, and no one is allowed to call me out for it”

Kon says that not only does he have the ability to claim a sexual preference that people tip toe around for some reason, but also he is able to claim and inability to miss body language and the subtle signs that people give you when you are not behaving properly.

“you might not understand because you aren’t gay and don’t have asperger’s”

“But, I have difficulty looking at people in the eye… So, yeah, get off my back”


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