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Peter Gynt and Alexa Conch are great people.

The both have rewarding careers and enjoying the simpler things in life.

From time to time, they volunteer their time at various local charities in the rough, mildly dangerous Betoota Ponds area.

One time they went there, Peter stepped on a syringe but luckily it only had a bit of heroin in it.

But it’s the weekend where they take time out for themselves. They drive out beyond the North Betoota City Limits and hike the many trails through the Remienko State Forrest.

They’ve been doing that for weeks now – but what they used to do is a matter of controversy.

Prior to getting into the outdoors each weekend, the popular couple used to hit the French Quarter bars and clubs with friends. Dancing the night away with a cocktail of drugs and alcohol coursing through their veins, they were young, wild and free.

But one Sunday morning, they decided to make a change.

“I didn’t want to live like that anymore,” said Alexa, a local geologist at the Carnegie Uranium mine near Betoota Downs.

“Every Sunday morning, I’d wake feeling like ants were crawling over my brain. A thirst that felt unquenchable at times. It was a horrible time to be alive,”

“Peter felt the same way I did, conveniently, so we made a change.”

And with that, they instantly became better than all their friends who still licked the top of nightclub toilets of a Saturday evening.

Instantly better than their friends who still came home too drunk to put their key in the door come Friday night.

After learning that our reporter was still one of those vapid, soulless drug addicts that float around dark rooms with loud, blaring music, the couple rolled their eyes and concluded the interview.

More to come.


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