A worn out and overworked Prime Minister has today sent chills through the increasingly undisciplined National Party, by warning them that if they keep the horseplay up, they’ll get a hiding when daddy comes home.

“You want the belt? Huh? Do ya?” roared Turnbull.

“You just wait. When that car comes down the driveway you are going to get lifted”

These comments come after NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro says Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should quit before Christmas as a gift to the country.

The Nationals leader said he had “lost all hope” in the Prime Minister after the LNP’s apparent loss in the Queensland election. While Queensland LNP leader Tim Nicholls is refusing to concede defeat, so far the party has only 36 seats of the required 47 to win a majority.

With the Nationals starting to flex on what they believe is a detached Coalition fronted by a waterside mansion, Turnbull has thrown fuel on the fire by reminding them that he owns more cattle than the rest of them combined.

He’s also pointed out that he doesn’t appreciate their little mates in NSW and QLD getting lippy either”

“You don’t like the way I do things?” he asks

“That’s fine. Say it to my face. Don’t get your little mates from Queanbeyan to run their mouth in front of the cameras”

“My god, when Barnaby gets back here you are in for some trouble”


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