Twelve-year-old Jay Smith’s blood ran cold. Not because his mum yelled so loud that her voice cracked, but because she used his full Christian name – which Jay new, meant he was in deep shit.

Doing a quick stock take of anything and everything he could have done to upset his mum, Jay hesitantly responded.

“C-coming…” Jay stuttered as he got up to find his mum.

Upon entering the TV room, Jay conducted a quick military like scan to find the cause of the rage. Unfortunately for Jay, he couldn’t have dreamed of a worse outcome – his mum was on the phone.

“Mhmm. Yes, he’s with me now. Let me call you back after I’ve asked him. Thanks for letting me know, Sherylyn.”

Jay’s Mum put down the phone and locked eyes with him, “Did you call Brett on the school bus inbred?!” She asked in a tone usually only reserved for dad when he comes home late.

“What, Mum? No! I don’t even know what that means!” Jays voice was riddled with desperation as he pleaded with his mum. “Mum, I didn’t! I swear!”

“Go to your room, I’ll get your father to deal with you when he gets home.”

According to our sources, Jay was in fact telling the truth. It was another boy by the name of Dave Cotten who delivered the slur, apparently Dave called Brett inbred after a messy love triangle surfaced between the young boys’ parents.

More to come.


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