Australian Greens Party leader has been spotted in his grandmother’s native village in Southern Italy today, just to double check he isn’t listed as a citizen on any local electoral roles.

The Victorian senator was seen drinking family made vino with his distant cousins and speaking fluent Italian – while trying to tie up any loose ends in regards to his citizenship.

While speaking to a local public servant at the San Marco branch of the Italy Civil Registry, the Richmond supporter was quite firm in asking about his residency status in his family’s home country.

“So che mia madre è venuta a Melbourne prima che io sia nata, ma ho solo bisogno di assicurarmi che non mi hanno registrato come un italiano.”

[I know my mother came to Melbourne before I was born, but I just need to make sure they didn’t register me as an Italian.]

“Sarebbe molto cazzo male per l’ambiente e per i diritti delle minoranze in Australia, se fossi anche un cittadino doppio”

[It would be very fucking bad for the environment, and the rights of minorities in Australia, if I was a dual citizen as well]

Di Natale’s unannounced trip to his both his mother’s home village of San Marco and his father’s home of Siracusa, in Sicily, comes after his Deputy leader Larissa Waters has resigned from the Senate after realising she holds dual citizenship and should never have been elected to Federal Parliament.

The Queensland senator’s resignation comes less than a week after Scott Ludlam quit after realising he also held dual New Zealand citizenship, and has also stolen a pen from the Bunbury branch of the National Australia Bank in 1997.

It remains unclear as to what information Di Natale has been able to get out of the highly unorganised and wildly corrupt Italian government regarding his citizenship, but he is believed to have settled several generations-old feuds while visiting.


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