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“Noah fence [sic], we could have worked 2gether [sic] but no hard feelings! Good luck and good riddens!”

Senator for One Nation Pauline Hanson left a cake riddled with a passive aggressive, misspelt message outside the Greens party room this afternoon in the wake of Larissa Waters resigning over her unrenounced Canadian citizenship.

The second Greens senator in two days to resign over the same issue.

“This is the height of inner-city left-wing privilege,” said Hanson, speaking to the media at Parliament House.

“They sook any carry on about everything under the sun until it concerns them. Scott is having a sook and now Larissa is having a sook. All those weekend bushwalker degenerates that infest the Green belts of the capitals are also sooking. That’s all they do is sook,”

“Well, now the cows have come home to roost.”

Addressing the media today with a man wearing a perverted scarf, Larissa Waters said it was a ‘stupid oversight’ and she apologised unreservedly for her error.

The Senator also thanked Pauline and her team for the nice cake.

“…Also, thank you to Pauline and One Nation for the cake,” she said.

“Unfortunately everybody in the Greens office in Canberra is gluten free so we had a media boy run it over to The Nationals where it was promptly demolished,”

“I hope it wasn’t laced with anything.”

More to come.


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