Christopher Nolan’s recent return to the director chair has blown away historians with his epic recount of the most remarkable stories of WWII – the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers from the beaches of northern France – Dunkirk.

However, while the mastermind behind Dunkirk already has earned his stripes with the Dark Knight Triology, Inception and Interstellar – it appears not everyone is happy with his formula of telling historically accurate stories.

Several prominent white feminists writers have criticized the lack of female cast members throughout the film, particularly during the battle scenes.

Shona Lomu from the Diamantina chapter of the Society For Comfortable Upper Class White Feminist Creatives says she’s quite disappointed more women weren’t included in the cast, even as extras.

While Dunkirk serves up an emotionally satisfying spectacle, delivered by a writer-director in full command of his craft and brought to life by a gifted ensemble cast that honors the fact-based story – I still think the film was a bit white boy-heavy” she said.

“We understand what happened at Dunkirk predominantly involved Caucasian men with British accents – but surely they could have squeezed Amy Schumer in there somewhere”

Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance to Kenneth Branagh, Cillian Murphy and Harry Styles have also been criticised for taking jobs from perfectly deserving female actresses.

“It’s a disgrace” says one anonymous Twitter user who is now out of work due to the closure of SBS Comedy.

“Harry Styles isn’t even an actor. Emma Watson should have been there in his role. Or at least a black guy”

“Ooooh another so-called historically accurate war film about white men that got sent to war against other white men. Hollywood is so whitewashed”


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