A local kid that obviously spends too much time on the iPad has today sent chills down the spines of several adult acquaintances by referring to a biscuit as a ‘cookie’.

It seems a fresh jar of chocolate chip biscuits have immediately caught the eye of the 4-year-old host, who quickly left the other infants he was playing with and made his way over to the kitchen bench.

While the afternoon tea catch-up at his living room is mostly revolved around a playdate for the kids, his new buddies are quickly discarded once he gets a whiff of the plate.

Tommy Birms (4) has today made it perfectly clear that he would like a ‘cookie’ – or as he says it in his weirdo Dora The Explorer-influenced hybrid cartoon accent – ‘a cewwwkie’.

With his parents’ friends standing around the kitchen attempting to decipher what word came out of his mouth, little Tommy continues in his quest for what most Australian kids know as a ‘biccie’.

“Mom” says the little Tommy.

“Mormyy I want a cewwwkie”

At this point some of the adults presence begin questioning if Tommy was actually American, but soon realise that he’s just been effectively raised on globalised cable television, when the infant changes his mind about what he wants for afternoon tea.

“Actually mormyy. I want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!”


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