In the heart of Betoota’s Flight Path District, the intersection between Peter Beattie Boulevard and Samantha Riley Drive is not generally known as a hot spot for locals to socialise.

That is, unless it’s 3am on a Wednesday morning and the local Vietnamese gangs are taking over the adjacent CostCo car park with their heavily modified Nissans and WRXs.

But aside from the illegal car shows and the occasional junkie trying to clean your car window, it is not the type of place you pull up for a yarn.

That was until this arvo, when local 1985 VK Commodore owner Nic Katsis noticed someone admiring his the new Cerulean paint job on his high performance Australian made muscle vehicle.

Nic, catching eyes with a bunch of awkward teenage boys he caught staring from the back of one of their mum’s Tarago, gives off a smirk.

The Greek flag-themed boxing gloves hanging off his rear-view mirror suggests that Nic fancies himself as a bit of a goer. So the kids, even with their limited street smart, know not to say anything cheeky.

Nic can see how reserved the young fellas are being, so he speaks first.

“Fux scar non” asks Nic, trying obviously to be as chirpy as possible, to avoid spooking the mum. It doesn’t work. His Flight Path District creole is far too brash for these easily-influenced kids.

“What did you just say?!” asks the horrified mother.

Nic smiles even more, and then repeats his question.

“FUX SCAR NON?!” he says, before taking off on the green light in third gear with a deafening canon exhaust.



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