One lucky Lake Betoota fisherman is counting his blessings today after reeling in an incredible haul.

In an almost too good to be true tale, the man named landed a cracking Bluefin Tuna a few hours ago, only to find that the fish had a super rare and valuable Ooshie inside it.

The recreational angler currently living in Betoota Heights had the day off work to go out off the heads with a couple of mates, and he confirmed that it certainly proved worth it this afternoon.

“A couple of mates and I decided to stick it to the man and all called in sick so we could get out on the water, and boy oh boy, I may have earned myself 6 months pay by doing just that,” said the excited bludger.

“Obviously to land a big bluefin like that is pretty good to start off with. Something like that would fetch a motza in a Japanese fish market, but the Ooshie is a legit money maker.”

Ooshie’s are Woolworths answer to Coles Minis, as the Cold War to destroy the environment and our nation’s agricultural sector as quickly as possible between the two major supermarkets heats up.

Following the release of the small plastic collectables onto the market, particularly rare ones have been selling online for 10’s of 1000’s of dollars, in a testament to the absurdity of man.

“One of the boys looked it up, and apparently it’s an ultra-rare Orange Sunset Simba Ooshie and could go for like 20 or 30 grand.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be cutting it up on live TV to prove a point, I’m taking this bad boy straight to the bank.”


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