Following six months of non-stop headlines relating to his citizenship, marriage problems, fatherhood and subsequent Channel 7 tell-all, Barnaby Joyce has today agreed to appear in live TV roast hosted by the editors of The Betoota Advocate.

What started as a simple request to interview the former Nationals Leader on our podcast has turned into Australia’s very first televised roast. Starring some of the most jaded and witty media commentators in the country.

Our humble regional newspaper has taken it upon ourselves to act as both hosts and roastmasters, with Barnaby Joyce generously accepting a fee of much lower than $150,000 to appear as the main event.

The 90-minute television event is expected to include the venomous wit of Mick Molloy, Leigh Sales, Shaun Micalef, Peta Credlin and many more – as the former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce takes centre stage for the roast of a lifetime.

The Betoota Advocate has already been approached by several streaming services to host the once-in-a-lifetime television event, as the Member for New England continues to blur lines between regional backbencher and tabloid celebrity.

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