The jelly-armed son of a local sporting great has today reconsidered moving the Brazil and changing his name.

Braden Johannes (22) is not only unlucky enough to have the same name as his dad, but he’s also had spend his life in the shadow of 6 seasons of champagne football in the early 90s.

“Braden, you’re Braden’s boy, aren’t ya?” says one old punter at the local pub, who has definitely met him before.

“Yep” Braden junior says, with a sigh.

“Yep. That’s me..”

All the old codgers look at each other at the bar, smiling and nodding.

“How is the old boy anyway?” asks generic red-nosed pub fly #1.

“Yeah, he’s doing alright” says junior.

Generic red-nosed pub fly #2 asks if the rumours are true, and if his old man is considering coming on as a coach next season.

“Not sure what he’s up to” says the not-so-prodigal son, who has only played two matches of footy since high school, after several severe concussions that were a direct result of unwanted nepotism that saw him playing top grade football at 65 kilos.

“He might be keen on coaching. Not sure. You’d have to ask him”

Generic red-nosed pub fly #3 is quick to suggest that he knows Braden senior on a first name basis.

“Will do. You say g’day to him for me anyway”


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