As Parliamentarians make their way back to Canberra after a lengthy Christmas break, it has been today reported that a certain North Queensland politician has been looking to encourage his colleagues to join him on an exciting journey that helps people align their work/life balance while also reaching their health goals!

It is believed Federal Member For Dawson, George Christensen MP has been the latest in a growing list of prominent Australians to get up in multi-layered health supplement marketing, which many sceptics describe as the new pyramid scheme.

Christensen says after his twenty year school reunion in late December, he was lucky enough to catch up with one of the cool kids from his grade, a well-known Mackay personal trainer by the name of Dane.

“Dane introduced me to a cool new project aimed at helping people fulfil their health and wealth goals by helping them understand a new business opportunity” he says.

“Haha he’s always been a step ahead of the rest. We were actually really good mates in school. So good to catch up”

As the controversial coalition minister began talking about his new side project, a soulless look glazes over his eyes, and he begins a well rehearsed pitch.

“I’m just interested in surrounding myself with people that are open to taking a look at an opportunity that can not only help with their own personal health goals but also create a substantial side income on their already existing job!” said Christensen.

“Its not the money that is the bonus it’s what it can create. Travel, freedom, choice and the chance to pay it forward to the people you care about!” said Christensen.

Reports from the Press Gallery indicate that Christensen has been cold-calling and tex other MPs, Senators and staffers from all political parties to see if they are interested in reaching their health and fitness goals while also making residual income to cover their lifestyle margins.

“I’ve already checked with [Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce] and it’s been completely signed off on” he says

“No conflict at all. In fact, they said the more time I spend on it the better actually”



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