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A resident of the leafy, exclusive enclave of Betoota Grove has confirmed to his 700 Instagram followers that today is definitely a day for it.

Will St Germaine (26), a French Quarter real estate agent, has amassed a strong following on the app thanks to his constant confirmations of whether it is or is not a day for it.

Though the qualities of a “day for it” are somewhat vague, research has found a strong connection between ‘days for it’ and summer weather.

“Today’s an absolute beaut, it’s going to be a scorcher,” Will told The Advocate.

“Yeah, it’s definitely the day for it,” he added.

Will, a keen stand-up-paddleboarder and Coroner drinker, says he originally began using the phrase to let his friends know whether the fish were biting down at the yacht club boat ramp.

“If I don’t catch anything, I don’t bother posting anything, but if I do, brother, I have to let the boys know,” he said.

Though, he acknowledges the phrase can also be reworked to fit any occasion.

“If it’s like 35 and sunny, and you know the boys would be keen for some arvo bevs [sic] at the Dolphins Club, I’d definitely chuck up a post saying it was the day for it.”

More to come.


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