A generally masculine and confident sounding Betoota man has today shocked his girlfriend by greeting her parents in an unusually high tone of voice.

“Hi Jane, so good to see you” said Hughie, not only higher, but more timid than usual.

“Rodge, how’s things?”

It’s understood that Hugo maintained this fake voice for the entire dinner, only momentarily slipping up with a genuine laugh as opposed to the forced, polite one he chose to adopt.

Speaking to his girlfriend, Kate, after the incident, the Advocate can confirm that Hughie dropped the charade the second the couple left the parents side.

“Oh my god, I couldn’t wait for dinner to be over.”

“I couldn’t bear listening to that little bitch voice anymore”

“When I asked him about it though he flat out denied it! He didn’t know he was doing it!”

The Advocate reached out Kate’s parents to see what they thought of their daughter’s choice in boyfriend, it appears they noticed his sopranist range as well.

“Look, he’s a bit soft for my liking” commented Jane, the mother.

Rodger was a bit more forgiving of poor Hughie, even going as far as suggesting he’d give him a job.

“Yeah, I tend to agree with the old girl, but if he’s handy out in the paddock or knows how to build a decent fence I don’t care what he sounds like.’

More to come.



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